A Critical Reflection on Michael J. Sandel: Rethinking Communitarianism

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This is a paper in political theory, aiming to reinterpret the political philosophyof Michael J. Sandel, a prominent communitarian of our time. In contrast tothe cultural relativism thesis, which holds that Sandel bases the moral judgementon any given culture/tradition of each community, and the deliberative democracythesis, which holds that Sandel bases the moral judgement on the rational majority, Iargue that Sandel’s communitarianism is a virtue-based theory, addressing the criticalenquiry of the teleology of the social practices in question; the moral judgement isbased on the telos of the social practices in question which determines what’s theright thing to do in general, while the actual identity of the person determined bythe community is important as a second-order as it simply tells us who we shouldhave a moral obligation with in particular.

Keywords : Communitarianism, Cultural Relativism, Deliberative Democracy, Michael J. Sandel, Virtue-Based Theory.

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